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  1. Birth Announcement (for employee newsletter)

    New bundle of joy in your immediate family? Share with your City family... Submissions by the 15th of the month will be considered for... More…

  2. Engagement/Wedding Announcement (for employee newsletter)

    Congratulations on your upcoming or recent wedding! Thank you for sharing with our City family of employees. Submissions by the 15th... More…

  3. Thumbs Up (for employee newsletter)

    Give a "Thumbs Up" in recognition of a City employee who has gone above and beyond in service to the City or for a fellow employee.... More…

  4. Trading Post (for employee newsletter)

    Looking to buy or sell something from or to your fellow City employees. Give the Trading Post a try... Submissions by the 15th of the... More…

  1. City of Hot Springs Website Survey

    Provide input concerning your opinion of the City of Hot Springs new web site.

  2. Nominate a Hot Springs HERO

    The City of Hot Springs employs more than 600 dedicated servants for our community. If a City employee has gone a step above in... More…

  3. Tip/Idea for Employee Newsletter

    Thank you for sharing your content idea for consideration for an upcoming employee newsletter.

  4. Website Maintenance

    Submit CHS website related- questions, suggestions and/or concerns.