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Permanent Sign Permit Application

  1. Up to four signs may be submitted with this application. Please provide a total square footage of all the signs to be considered in the space provided after the individual sign sections. 

  2. For wall signs.

  3. For wall signs.

  4. For wall signs.

  5. For wall signs.

  6. Items Required with Completed Application:

    1. Wall Signs – A clear and legible elevation drawing of the wall or walls showing accurate height and length.

    2. Pole Signs – A clear and legible 8½ x 11 sketch of the property showing the dimensions of the property.

    3. Detailed drawing of the signs to be installed showing height and width of each sign.

    4. Pre-existing Signage - A detailed drawing of each pre-existing sign and the on-site location of each sign.

    5. Construction drawings showing details on each sign's design and mounting method. All signs shall be constructed and installed to the standards as prescribed in the City of Hot Springs Building Code. (Wind Resistance and/or Snow Loads)

    6. Copy of sign installer's business license or occupation tax to conduct sign installations and Specialist Sign Electrical License.

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  8. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
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