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Vertical Pole Banner Request

  1. Terms & Conditions
    I certify that the banners to be installed meet all requirements and specifications as set forth by the Parks and Trails Department. I further understand that the banners will be installed and removed by the Parks and Trails Department for a fee of $175. If banners do not meet Parks and Trails Department approval, the $175 fee will be returned to the applicant.

    You may pay the fee in person prior to the requested installation date or mail check or money order to:
    Hot Springs Parks and Trails Department (Pole Banner Request)
    ATTN: Anthony Whittington, Director
    111 Opera St.
    P.O. Box 700
    Hot Springs, AR 71902

    Installation will be no sooner than two weeks prior to the scheduled event and removal will be during the week after the event. The Parks and Trails Department will not be held responsible for damage to the banners while in storage, during installation, display, or removal.
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