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Public Mural Application

    The Arts Advisory Committee (AAC) of Hot Springs is a committee of volunteer citizens who have been appointed to review and recommend placement of permanent art at publicly-owned facilities in the city, assist in the organization and promotion of temporary art exhibits at publicly-owned facilities, and assist in the securing of private grant funding and art donations for permanent art displays at public buildings in the city. The AAC oversees the approval of all public art murals in the City of Hot Springs.
  2. Application Information:
    All public murals must be approved by the City of Hot Springs Arts Advisory Committee. Mural applications will be accepted throughout the year and reviewed during the AAC's regular meeting (second Tuesday of each month at noon in the Parks & Trails conference room, 111 Opera Street, Ste. A). It is preferred that the artist or the artist's representative be present at the meeting when their application is being discussed. An application fee of $25.00 is required in order for your application to be reviewed and must be submitted with the application. Make checks payable to the City of Hot Springs or call 501-321-6871 to pay with a credit card. Once an application has been accepted for review, the City of Hot Springs will host a 30-day public comment period indicated by signage placed at the site of the mural. The public is welcome to submit comments and concerns about the project during this time. The AAC will have the opportunity to visit the site during this comment period to assess the project in person. If any concerns arise over the 30-day period, the applicant may be asked to come and discuss how to address those concerns at the next AAC meeting. Once an application is approved the artist may start work as soon as the public announcement is made. The City of Hot Springs may include any mural project in press releases and the artist may be required to sign a photo release so the city of Hot Springs can promote the mural. Please note that the 30-day public comment period cannot be waived. A new application for mural approval may be required if the location, design, wall ownership, materials, or artist involved changes from a previously approved mural application. Slight changes in the approved application may be submitted as an amendment and are not subject to application fees. Artists are asked to contact the City once the project has been completed at 501-321-6871. The AAC may inspect the mural at any time in the future and require maintenance as needed. This is consistent with the maintenance agreement that will be submitted with this application.
  3. To complete the application please be prepared with:
  5. Are you willing to present your project to the Arts Advisory Committee and answer any additional questions, should this be requested?*
  6. Is this project fully funded?*
  7. Your name name here certifies that the following information is true to the best of your knowledge and that you have permission to speak on behalf of all interested parties named in this application. You also acknowledge that the City of Hot Springs and the Arts Advisory Committee have the authority to approve or deny this mural application based on location, readiness of project, content, artistic merit, and any other matters pertaining to the proposed mural project.
  8. SECTION I: Community & Organizational Support
    The Arts Advisory Committee of Hot Springs is interested in working with all types of community organizations and groups to further public art in Hot Springs. These include but are not limited to: organizations that have no staff but a strong community volunteer base, a membership that is not English speaking, organizations lacking access to a computer or professional staff, schools, recreation centers, communities of faith, businesses, and scout troops. Applications with organizational support will be looked upon favorably. Partnering with an organization is not required for mural approval.
  9. SECTION II: Location
    A wall must already be selected for your project to be considered. Inability to get owner permission or to demonstrate that the wall is structurally suitable will result in rejection of mural application.
  10. Are you the property owner?*
    If NO, you will need written permission from the property owner allowing you to place a mural at the proposed location. Please attach written permission.
  11. What material is the wall?*
    Please attached an image of the proposed mural location.
  12. Is the wall currently suitable?*
  13. Do you have a written commitment for mural maintenance?*
  14. Is the proposed location on or adjacent to public property?*
  15. If yes, do you have support from the public entity for this mural project?
  16. Is the proposed location in the Historic District?*
  17. If yes, do you have approval from the Historic Commission for the project?
    Historic Commission approval is not required at this stage of the mural application but must be obtained prior to the start of any project in the Historic District.
  18. SECTION III: Artist & Design
    All mural designs must be original and created by the lead artist named in this application. If any component of the mural is “borrowed” from another artist, a copy of written permission for use must accompany this application. Murals with imagery that supports or benefits the community are encouraged as well as murals whose purpose and intent is purely visual.
  19. Is the mural design a work of original art and created by the lead artist?*
  20. Are you interested in partnering with a Mentor Muralist?*
    If yes, the Arts Advisory Committee may be able to facilitate a partnership; the Mentor Muralist may require additional payment which would be the responsibility of the applicant.
  21. Type of Mural*
  22. Please note that you may be required to seal a painted mural with an approved UV and graffiti resistant sealer.
  23. The City of Hot Springs and the Arts Advisory Committee may be able to facilitate connections for additional needs.
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