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Geocache Permit Application

  1. (000) 000-0000
  2. Number/Expiration Date
  3. Please provide the name of your cache.
  4. Please provide cache code if applicable.
  5. Please provide GPS coordinates for your cache.
  6. Size: Nano, Micro, Small, Large; and Type: Traditional, Mystery, Earth, etc.
  7. Photos provided by cache owner or Parks Superintendent
  8. The cache I request to place is (check all that apply)
  9. I hereby agree to adhere to the City of Hot Springs Parks and Trails Department Policy for Geo-caching. In addition, the City of Hot Springs shall assume no responsibility whatsoever for the loss or damage to the permit holder’s property or injury of the permit holder from any cause. The permit holder agrees at all times to indemnify, protect, and save harmless the City of Hot Springs, its agents, and employees from liability in connection with the permit holder’s property and/or operation under this permit.
  10. Renewal Instructions
    Permits may be renewed for two additional years for a total of three years before a new application is necessary. Please call the Parks Maintenance Office, 501-262-1519, to request a renewal of your permit. You will need the cache name, GPS coordinates, and permit number.
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