Are you a "no-kill" animal shelter?
No, we are an "open door" shelter. As we accept all animals, we are faced with the difficult task of evaluating them for medical and behavioral problems. Animals that can't be medically rehabilitated are euthanized to prevent suffering. Animals that pose danger to people and/or other animals are humanely euthanized to prevent harm to the residents of our community.

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1. Are you a "no-kill" animal shelter?
2. How can I volunteer?
3. Can I reserve a pet for adoption when it becomes available?
4. When will an animal become available for adoption?
5. How much are adoption fees?
6. When do I need to keep my pet contained?
7. Why is it important to microchip my pet(s)?
8. How long do you hold "found" animals?
9. How do I adopt an animal?
10. Does my pet(s) have to have rabies vaccinations?
11. Does my pet(s) have to have a license?
12. Can my pet ride in the open part of my vehicle?