How do I get involved in the planning process?
The city and its consultant are committed to involving the public as much as possible, and plan to host public meetings and workshops, issue email notices, conduct informal questionnaires, and more. Some residents have been appointed to an advisory committee. Take part in any or all of the events and activities, follow the work on the city website, contact the city about involvement opportunities – but be sure to share your thoughts, ideas, and concerns!

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1. What is the Hot Springs Comprehensive Plan?
2. Who commissioned the plan, and why?
3. What’s the difference between a comprehensive plan and “zoning”?
4. How long will the update take?
5. Who can take part in the process?
6. How do I get involved in the planning process?
7. What will the plan include?
8. Will any revisions to Hot Springs’ zoning or development code take place?
9. Who are the consultant team members?