Why is it important to microchip my pet(s)?

The importance of microchipping goes well beyond simply injecting a microchip into your pet(s). When the chip is registered with a national pet database, valuable information is made available to others for situations related to lost pets. The microchip serves as a safety net for instances when a lost pet is separated from its collar and their owner’s contact information.

These lifetime-guaranteed devices transmit a unique ID number that is connected to the owner’s name, valid phone number and any other relevant up-to-date contact information. If a microchipped animal is taken to almost any shelter or a veterinarian office, they’ll be scanned for their owner’s information so they can be returned to their family.

When the City of Hot Springs Animal Services officers are out in the field, they scan every animal for a chip before taking it to the shelter. If the animal has a valid registered microchip, the officers will try to return the pet(s) before taking them into the shelter. Because several owners have microchipped their pets, Animal Services officers have been able to reunite a large amount of lost pets with their families.

Over the course of 2019, the City of Hot Springs Animal Services microchipped more than 500 animals, which includes the animals adopted out and pets brought to the Rabies Drive events and the Animal Services facility.

Owners can bring their pet(s) to the City of Hot Springs Animal Services facility, 319 Davidson Drive, to be microchipped for only $20 a pet. This service is available Monday through Friday, noon to 5 p.m., and takes less than five minutes. 

For more information, contact Animal Services at 501-262-2091.

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