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Mar 24

Ask Allen: Safety Tips for Inspecting Trees After a Storm

Posted to Ask Allen by Aaron Street

Trees after StormsAllen Bates headshotAsk Allen ~ "Safety Tips for Inspecting Trees After a Storm"

Following a significant storm event, it is very important to inspect your trees for any hazard that may have occurred. First, from a safe distance, look for any downed power lines or lines that may have limbs contacting them. Immediately contact the proper authorities and postpone the remainder of your tree evaluation until all utility work is complete.

Next, from a distance, inspect all sides of the tree while looking for any obvious damage to the crown, such as broken or hanging limbs. If no damage has occurred to the crown, move closer to the tree and examine the trunk to look for any cracks, both vertical and horizontal; also look for any lightning damage. If the tree is forked, look for stress cracks in the joint between the two forks.

The next area to inspect is the root zone. The roots are ultimately responsible for a tree’s structural stability. Examine the root plate to determine if the anchorage has been compromised. Look for heaving soil and roots around the tree, especially on the opposite side of any lean to the tree. Inspect the base of the tree for fungal fruiting bodies, as these are a sure sign of root rot. Root rot is a significant cause of tree failure, and can cause failure to a tree that otherwise looks healthy.

Finally, if damage has happened, evaluate the target area of any potential tree failure. People, buildings, utilities and vehicle-use areas should be considered when making your evaluation. If targets cannot be removed, block off the area to keep out pedestrian traffic until the hazard can be removed.

Damaged trees can be very dangerous to both people and property. Thus a qualified tree professional should be considered when working with any hazardous tree.

Jul 15

Theme #7 - Planned for a Bright Future

Posted to Forward Hot Springs - Hot Springs 2040 by Katie Yamauchi

Forward Hot Springs logo_color 

    Hello! Thank you for visiting the blog post for the Planned for a Bright Future presentation for the 2040 Hot Springs Forward Hot Springs Comprehensive Plan! We are excited to share with you this revitalizing plan for Hot Springs! 

    If you wish to comment on any matter presented in the video or the proposed Comprehensive Plan below, please sign in or create an account (should take about two minutes to complete).

Trouble viewing the video? Visit our Youtube page!

Click here to view and download the Planned for a Bright Future poster.

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Dec 05

(12-1-22) Water Project Bond Issuance and Water Rate Increase Press Conference

Posted to Lake Ouachita Water Supply Project by Aaron Street

The City of Hot Springs (CHS), in response to a possible referendum of the needed water rate increase to support the water bond and due to the current shortage in the City’s water system, will place a temporary suspension of all new water connection applications for those served by the City’s Waterworks System if and when verified signatures are submitted for the referendum.

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