Cross-Connection Control Program


The Arkansas Department of Health requires public water systems to protect their distribution systems from backflow caused by cross-connections in order to protect the public's health and drinking water quality. Hot Springs has instituted a Cross-Connection Control Program.

This program establishes requirements for residential, commercial, and industrial customers that may have systems or processes considered potentially hazardous to the Hot Springs potable water system.

In accordance with minimum standards, Hot Springs Utilities requires the completion of a cross-connection control assessment survey prior to the installation of a commercial or industrial meter. The use of the property will determine whether installation of a Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly (RPZA) is required in order to protect against potential cross-connection.

Arkansas Plumbing Code mandates that only licensed plumbers install Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies. State  plumbing and health codes require the testing of the RPZA within 10 days of installation and annually thereafter. Only personnel with Backflow Assembly Tester Technician certification from the Arkansas Department of Health may test backflow assemblies within the Hot Springs Utilities service area. 

These technicians must be registered with the City of Hot Springs before testing RPZA's in the Hot Springs Utilities service area. Technicians must submit their test results to the Hot Springs Utilities Backflow Prevention Coordinator. Failure to comply with the cross-connection control requirements may result in discontinuation of service.


Michael DeRoche

Backflow Prevention Coordinator

Work Phone:           (501) 651-7736

Fax Number:           (501) 624-6528


To apply for the Cross-Connection Control Program, click this link to take the Survey