HERO - Allen Goines

HERO - Allen Goines and familyDriver Allen Goines goes above and beyond for Fire Department

Story by Lt. Andrew Davis

Working at the Hot Springs Fire Department (HSFD) is a unique opportunity to engage with the public on a dramatic range of circumstances. We do have the unfortunate call to assist our citizens and our city’s guests on their worst days, even what they think to be the worst day of their life. Because of this type of interaction, it requires the Fire Department members to have a family-like relationship. This is not a written policy that you will find in our employee handbook, but a part of the firefighter culture. 

Over the last several years, we have had major turnover within our department. Understandably, this could impact our Fire Department family. Therefore, it is critical to establish our culture and these relationships as early as possible in a firefighter’s career. 

Over the last few months, I have observed Driver Allen Goines going above and beyond on multiple occasions in efforts that support our Fire Department family and our public relations. Here are a few examples of his extraordinary efforts:

  • Each year, the Fire Department participates in the Christmas Parade.  For the 2019 Christmas Parade, Allen and his wife, Illissa, built a Fire Department float that had an extremely positive impact on our citizens and visitors. It showed the work ethic and commitment of our department to all who lined the streets. Another thing I noticed during the parade, I believe we had more Fire Department families participate in this event than ever before.
  • On December 5, we hosted a Fire Department Awards Banquet. Allen took the time to transform a large room filled with tables and chairs into a room that displayed the firefighter culture and help make the event an even more fantastic opportunity for our Fire Department families to come together. 
  • Allen spearheaded a Fire Department Christmas Dinner, where he fried multiple turkeys, brought in inflatable bounce houses for the kids and even coordinated the event with assistance from Illissa and other firefighters and their spouses. In preparation, he worked tirelessly to clean and decorate the engine bay to create a holiday filled atmosphere to celebrate the season.

Driver Allen Goings always produces quality work. During working hours, he is always preforming maintenance or involved in training activities. After our work and training is complete, you will always find him working on a project that further benefits the city, the Fire Department, and our Fire Department family. He has made a measurable difference within our community and with our new and existing Fire Department family members!


The City of Hot Springs employs more than 600 dedicated servants for our community.  If a City employee has gone a step above in service to our community, either in a specific incident or for continued efforts, we want to honor that employee as being a Hot Springs HERO.  

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