Cory Smith - Hot Springs HERO

FB - Cory Smith HERO - social 1Cory earned the HERO recognition in July of 2019 for going above and beyond his normal work duties to help a citizen in need. 

Cory, a maintenance worker for the Parks & Trails Department, was cleaning Carpenter Dam Park when he noticed a citizen had stuck his boat trailer off the pavement near the boat launch. He asked the family if he could help, and proceeded to unhook their trailer and help move it by hand so their family vehicle could get on solid ground and get the boat trailer unstuck. We were informed of the incident in a Facebook message from the family, offering thanks to Cory, saying it was "a great example of how people can be and do good for others."


The City of Hot Springs employs more than 600 dedicated servants for our community.  If a City employee has gone a step above in service to our community, either in a specific incident or for continued efforts, we want to honor that employee as being a Hot Springs HERO.  

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