Green Infrastructure

The Hot Springs Green Infrastructure (GI) Landscape Study is a year-long effort, begun in April 2015, to map and catalog the highest value natural assets of the city and to create a plan for conserving or restoring them. Natural assets include trees, water, agricultural areas, trails, parks, habitat blocks and corridors. Green infrastructure plans link multiple objectives together and show priorities. The maps will also include significant cultural sites that depend on the landscape for their interpretation or protection such as, hot spring fountains or large historic structures or areas. The plan will help choose key opportunities to make Hot Springs City as clean and green as possible and to promote healthful lifestyles for residents and visitors. It can also be utilized to make the city more attractive to potential employers. The Green Infrastructure Center is a non-profit company hired by the city to assist in mapping and evaluating green infrastructure. For questions on this project, contact Hot Springs Parks and Trails Department. To learn more about GIC, Inc please click their link below.

Final City of Hot Springs Green Infrastructure Plan

View from Observation Tower
Lake Catherine
Sanderson Lake Dam
Sanderson Lake