Logical municipal boundaries enable cost-efficient service delivery for both city and county governments.

In many cases annexation is initiated by property owners wishing to develop their land or to gain one or more benefits provided by Hot Springs.  

In some instances (enclaves or “islands”), the city may initiate annexation.  In such cases, the city drafts an annexation ordinance which sets forth a schedule for providing services.

If majority of the Board approves annexation, city services including Solid Waste, Fire and Police will be provided as detailed in an annexation ordinance.

Questions about procedures or schedule can be directed to Planning & Development Director Kathy Sellman, (501) 321-6855.

Brochure about annexation 

Enclave Area A Annexation Effective January 2, 2016

Enclave  Area A Annexation map

Enclave Area B Annexation Effective May 25, 2018

Enclave  Area B Annexation map

Rezoning Map - Annexation Areas A and B

click here  Proposed Rezoning Map for Area A and B