Crime Prevention

The police department's Crime Prevention Program is a broad initiative that does a number of things. It is an umbrella program that includes, among other things, our Neighborhood Watch Program. In addition, when requested officers can come to your home, property or business site and help you evaluate your security shortcomings. They may make suggestions to you about your “environmental design” (the naturally occurring features of your property such as landscape, hedges, limbs, trees, etc. that might actually help a burglar or attacker to commit a crime undetected). Officers may inform you about inadequate locks, insufficient or ineffective lighting, or make recommendations to you about safety practices such as the safest way to get to or from your vehicle at night. Officers are also available to speak to groups or organizations about crime prevention methods, the latest trends and best practices. If you would like to speak to an officer about crime prevention or check on availability for a group presentation contact our Public Relations officers shown on the right side of the page.