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Explore the tabs below to find some of our new online forms. These are designed to help you do many things in just a few minutes from the comfort of your own home that once required a special trip to the police department, mailbox or post office. As we develop new online forms we will add them to this collection.

  1. Citizens Police Academy
  2. Road and Traffic
  3. House Watch
  4. Ride-Along
  5. Crime Tips
  6. "Do It Yourself" Reports
  7. Off-Duty Officer Request

Due to the sensitive nature of the information required on this application we apologize for being unable to offer it as an online submission, but if you'd like to attend our next Citizens Police Academy you can download this .pdf application, complete the form and return it to our Public Relations Office. A background check will be conducted to insure that you are a good candidate for the free 12-week course where you will get an up close and personal look at real police work like you've never seen it before. Click here to learn more about our Citizens Police Academy.

Lauras card
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Laura's Law (Act 877) and Laura's Card (Act 873) are designed to protect lives and to inform victims of abuse of assistance, services, and support resources that can help restore safety, normalcy and peace to their lives.
Victim's have rights. Learn what to do about abuse.
Would you like to commend a Hot Springs police officer for their outstanding service?

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