Permit Information

Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Review, Approval and Permit Process

The City Stormwater Division reviews all stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPPs), post-construction water quality plans and issues NPDES permits for construction sites within the city limits. The City of Hot Springs has been recognized as the first and only Qualifying Local Program (QLP) by the Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment (formerly the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality or ADEQ), meaning that the stormwater program exceeds the EPA Phase II guidelines. Hot Springs' stormwater regulations vary from the Arkansas General Construction Permit ARR150000 in multiple areas. The City Ordinance requires that the following land disturbing activities require a stormwater permit:

  • Any land disturbance greater than 5 acres (Also requires a permit from ADEQ)
  • Any land disturbance between 1-5 acres
  • Any commercial land disturbance, regardless of size
  • Any land disturbance adjacent to a water body 
  • Residential land disturbance that is part of a larger common plan (platted subdivision)

The City of Hot Springs SWPPP template must be prepared by a qualified professional, signed by the property owner, pertinent contractors and certified stormwater site inspector. Upon review and approval of SWPPP, the appropriate permit fee must be paid before the permit can be issued.  A checklist has been developed to assist engineers, contractors and property owners in determining whether a permit is required.  View stormwater permit checklist and SWMP requirement checklist

Construction Site Compliance Brochure

City of Hot Springs SWPPP Template

The SWPPP template must be utilized for all projects in the city limits. The same SWPPP can be submitted to ADEQ, if required. Depending on the size and nature of the project, a detention/retention plan and/or stormwater quality plan may be required. The City also requires that the QLP Site Notice be signed and submitted (for sites smaller than 5 acres).  This site notice replaces the Arkansas General Small Site Notice.  It is recommended that the professional preparing the SWPPP, site plan and other documents, contact the Stormwater Manager or Coordinator for site-specific requirements prior to preparation and submittal. 

The City of Hot Springs SWPPP, QLP Site Notice and Permit Application can be obtained by clicking on the appropriate link below.  

Stormwater Inspections

In order to obtain a stormwater permit, a City-certified stormwater inspector must sign the SWPPP document and perform construction site inspections on the property. A written inspection report must be completed by the inspector weekly (every 7 days) and after every significant rain event (.5" or greater). The City of Hot Springs Inspection Report must be utilized and maintained onsite during business hours for review by the Stormwater Division.  

The City Inspection Report can be obtained by clicking the link City of Hot Springs Inspection Form (2017)

The Stormwater Division maintains a list of certified inspectors available who perform inspections for hire.  A contractor or project representative who would prefer to self-perform the inspections may attend the Construction Stormwater Inspector Course to obtain certification. For more information on the Inspector Certification courses information, visit or contact the Stormwater Division at 501-321-6743.