Yard and Logwood Waste


The disposal of yard waste and logwood waste is now permitted Monday through Thursday and Saturday when the facility is in need of materials.

Yard Waste - Grass clippings, leaves, small branches less than 4 inches in diameter and no longer than 6 feet in length
Logwood Waste - Any tree-log over 4 inches in diameter and no longer than 6 feet in length

Guidelines for Disposal of Acceptable Materials
~ Any logwood waste over 20 inches in diameter must be cut into 16" lengths and dumped in a separate designated location
~ Treated or painted lumber, building materials, root balls/stumps, dirt, metal, glass or other trash is strictly prohibited - the     entire load will be rejected if any excluded materials are mixed into the load

~ The Compost Facility may close when muddy conditions are present or when there is a surplus of yard and logwood waste     allowed under the Operating Plan
~ To the extent possible, the facility manager will post notification on a weekly basis at the facility entrance when         commercial materials will not be accepted
~ Every effort will be made to provide a schedule regarding the acceptance of commercial materials
~ The facility manager reserves the right to change the status of material acceptance without advance notice
~ Email notifications are available by registering an email address with the attendant

Tipping Fees  
~ The City of Hot Springs does not charge city residential users and customers of the Hot Springs Municipal Wastewater       Utility for disposal of yard and logwood waste at the facility
~  Proof of residence will require a valid Arkansas driver's license or Arkansas State ID with a name and address matching a     copy of a recent Municipal Utilities wastewater billing statement
~ Beginning June 1, 2017, a fee per load of yard waste and logwood waste will be collected by the facility from commercial     operators and non-Municipal Utilities wastewater customers based on the following schedule
$ 10 2 – 4 cubic yard capacity pickup truck / 12 foot trailer or less
$ 20 5 – 10 cubic yard capacity trucks / trailers
$ 25 12 – 20 cubic yard capacity dump trucks / trailers
$ 35 22 – 30 cubic yard capacity dump trucks / trailers
$ 50 32 – 50 cubic yard capacity dump trucks / trailers

~ Previously ground wood waste may qualify for a 50% reduced Tipping Fee rate - see manager