Knock Out Litter Program

Knock Out Litter is the slogan for the city’s award-winning litter control program, developed to address a top priority identified by the Hot Springs Board of Directors. The key components of this successful program include:
  • Full-time litter crew targeting major roadways throughout Hot Springs
  • Educational programs to build community awareness and elicit public support
  • Intensified enforcement of existing litter laws
You can help by using the Sanitation Department services to dispose of litter, participate in clean-ups, and by reporting those who litter.

Report Litterers
To report litterers, call the city’s 24-hour action line at 501-321-6808 or report it online with the following information:
  • Make
  • Model
  • Color
  • License plate
  • Location
  • Type of littering
A courtesy letter will be sent by the Police Department, reminding the individual of current litter laws and asking them to help keep Hot Springs beautiful.

Area Cleanups & Educational Presentations
Check the local news media for information on upcoming neighborhood cleanups and larger events such as the Sanitation Department’s annual Spring Fling Citywide Cleanup and the Trash Bash, which is sponsored by Trash Bash, Inc. The Hot Springs / Garland County Beautification Commission also makes educational presentations to schools and civic groups. To contact the Hot Springs / Garland County Beautification Commission, call 501-623-7871.