Stormwater Management

Stormwater Division
The Stormwater Division is responsible for managing the city’s Stormwater Management Program. The division ensures that all mandated stormwater regulations are maintained throughout city limits. The division reviews stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPP), detention / retention plans and water quality plans to determine compliance with city, state, and federal stormwater requirements.
The division conducts on-site stormwater inspections, investigates stormwater concerns, and responds to water pollution complaints. The division holds stormwater certification classes throughout the year to certify individuals in stormwater pollution prevention techniques, and teaches the requirements to become stormwater site inspectors.

Stormwater Course
The city requires a person who has attended and passed the Stormwater Certification Course for each construction site. Download a course application form.

To report stormwater violations / illicit discharges, call 501-321-6808 or submit an online report.

Enroll in CodeRED. Download and print CodeRED fact sheet/registration form for those without online access.