Fire Stations

Central Station
310 Broadway Avenue

Central StationCentral Fire Station serves the northern and eastern areas of Hot Springs, including Bath House Row, Magic Springs, and the Hot Springs Convention Center. It was built in 1996 to replace the old Central fire Station at 111 Opera Street, which was built in 1963 (now the location of the City’s Information Systems, Parks & Trails, Sports Recreation, Public Information and Public Works departments). Central Station is the department’s headquarters and is where the Fire Chief, Fire Prevention Bureau, and Training Division have their offices. It houses a command vehicle (121), a pumper (Engine 1), and a ladder truck (Truck 5). The ladder truck is a tiller design, wherein the chassis is a tractor trailer with a steerable rear axle, providing greater maneuverability on the city’s streets.

Park Avenue Station
758 Park Avenue

Park StationStation 3 serves the northern most area of Hot Springs including the Park and Whittington Avenue areas, Belvedere Golf Resort, and Hot Springs Historic Downtown area. The station was built in 1967 and replaced a 1914 station which was located at Pine and Water Street. It houses one pumper (Engine 3) and is staffed daily with a lieutenant, a driver/operator, and a firefighter.

Airport Road Station
523 Airport Road

Airport Road StationStation 4 serves the western area of Hot Springs including the Hot Springs Airport and Albert Pike Road area. The station was built in 1967 to replace the old station 4 that was located at 710 West Grand Avenue (next to Dairy Queen). It houses one pumper (Engine 4) and an aircraft firefighting vehicle (Red-Ball 3). Station 4 is staffed daily with a lieutenant, a driver/operator, and a firefighter.

Lakeshore Drive Station
220 Lakeshore Drive

Lakeshore StationStation 6 serves the south central areas of the city including the Hot Springs Mall, CHI St. Vincent Hospital, and Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort. The station was built in 1995 to replace the old Station 6 that was located at Oaklawn and Third streets. The department still utilizes the drill tower located there for training. It houses one pumper (Engine 6), a ladder truck (Truck 10), and a rescue vehicle (Rescue 2). Station 6 is staffed daily with a district captain, a lieutenant, two driver/operators, and a firefighter. 

Golf Links Road Station
1311 Golf Links Road

Golf Links StationStation 7 serves the south eastern area of the city including Hot Springs Country Club, National Park Hospital, and the Red Oak community. The station was built to blend into the neighborhood and can be difficult to spot while driving down Golf Links Road. The addition of Station 7 in 1967 was the last time the department expanded in force. It houses one pumper (Engine 7) and staffed daily with a lieutenant, a driver/operator, and a firefighter.