Earth Angel Update

Solid Waste Department-Leaf/Mulch Collection

The Solid Waste Department collects leaves, grass and small brush through the City’s curbside residential Earth Angel Recycling Program. The materials must be in plastic garbage bags and placed curbside by 6 a.m. on your district recycle days. To see the district collection days, visit

Small shrub trimmings no longer than three feet or three inches in diameter should be bundled. 

Do not set out bags and bundles more than 12 hours prior to collection. Do not mix in other items (i.e., household waste, rocks or dirt); such bags cannot be collected for recycling. Residents are allowed 50 bags of leaf and mulch per collection day. This service is intended for residential customers, and should not be used to subsidize any lawn services.

To begin recycling, or to learn more about recycling in the Hot Springs community, call the Solid Waste Department at 501-321-6911.

 Last week, the Earth Angels of Hot Springs recycled:

 217 pounds - Aluminum cans

65,400 pounds - Commercial corrugated cardboard 

1,256 pounds - Corrugated cardboard

1,959 pounds - Newspaper

743 pounds - Plastic grade #1 and #2

43,520 pounds - Yard waste and CAPS

Last week, a total of 56.54 tons of recyclable materials were kept out of the landfill!

 Collection Schedule:

 09/18/20 – Whittington / Quapaw - Prospect

09/21/20 – Jaycee Park / Oaklawn - Henderson

09/22/20 – Richard / Airport - Family Park

09/23/20 – Grove / Files Road - Higdon Ferry

09/24/20 – McCauley - Greenwood

09/25/20 – Hobson - Plain