Earth Angel Update

The first Operation Clean Sweep for 2020 recently concluded, and the Solid Waste Clean, Attractive Property Service (CAPS) collected a total of 33.45 tons of waste in collaboration with the Planning & Development Department. On the footsteps of this success, we want to continue to encourage our neighborhoods to be proactive in keeping our town clean and safe. More importantly, in this time of anxiety with COVID-19, we hope everyone can help look out for each other. There are many ways we can help one another keep our community and neighborhoods environmentally safe.

One small action that can have a big impact is to help make sure items such as disinfecting wipes and disposable gloves end up in the waste receptacles, instead of on the ground. It has been determined that latex/nitrile gloves can, depending on the materials used when creating them, take three to five years to decompose. For disinfecting wipes, the lifespan for one single wipe to decompose can take up to 100 years.

Another effort focuses on bigger and broader items. CAPS is program provided by the Solid Waste Department to City residents who wish to dispose of large bulky items, such as furniture, appliances and even brush under six feet in length. CAPS is very active in helping keep neighborhoods well maintained. City residents who pay the monthly Solid Waste fee receive the first two CAPS pickups absolutely free, up to one ton per collection. For more information, visit

Going along with the efforts of CAPS, property maintenance keeps neighborhoods looking their best. The City of Hot Springs Neighborhood Services are tasked with overseeing the City’s Property Maintenance Codes, which help keep the neighborhoods as safe and environmentally active as possible. Neighborhood Services is responsible for compliance with City ordinances related to sub-standard housing, vacant structures, unkempt or overgrown lots, trash and debris on lots, abandoned automobiles and graffiti. For more information, visit

Through joint partnerships such as this collaboration between Solid Waste and Neighborhood Services, Hot Springs residents can assist each other to make our community a place to be even more proud of.

Last week the Earth Angels of Hot Springs recycled:

142 pounds - Aluminum cans

53,120 pounds - Commercial cardboard

905 pounds - Corrugated cardboard

1,899 pounds - Newspaper

788 pounds - Plastic #1 and #2

61,560 pounds - Yard waste and CAPS

Last week, a total of 59.20 tons of recyclable materials were kept out of the landfill!

Collection Schedule:

04/03/20 – Whittington/Quapaw - Prospect

04/06/20 – Jaycee Park/Oaklawn - Henderson

04/07/20 – Richard/Airport - Family Park

04/08/20 – Grove/Files Road - Higdon Ferry

04/09/20 – McCauley - Greenwood

04/10/20 – Hobson - Plain