Cleanup Lien and Vacant Structure Databases


Arkansas Statutes Sec. 14-54 Subchapter 9 – authorize certain municipalities to order the owner of lots and other real property to cut weeds; and to remove garbage, rubbish and other unsightly and unsanitary articles and things upon the property.  Following notice to the owner if the property remains in violation the City may do whatever is necessary to correct the condition and to charge the costs thereof to the owner.

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Arkansas Statutes authorize certain municipalities to order the removal or razing of, or remove or raze, buildings or houses that in the opinion of the governing body have become dilapidated, unsightly, unsafe, unsanitary, obnoxious or detrimental to the public welfare.  In any situation in which the City issues an order for the removal, repair to return the structure to compliance with minimum building code standards, or razing of a building or house under the provisions of ACA 14-6-203 and the owner does not comply then a lien is granted and given against the real property for the cost of the removal, repair or razing.

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