HERO - Frank Thompson

Frank Thompson HERO-logoOn Sept. 9, 2021, Intracity Transit (IT) Driver FRANK THOMPSON was driving northbound on Albert Pike Road when his bus was violently rear-ended by a speeding pickup truck. The severity of the impact sent the two passengers on board the bus airborne. Frank, however, through his training and more than 21 years of experience was able to keep the bus on the road, bringing it safely to a complete stop. Without Frank's steadiness, the bus could have easily careened into a nearby business, such as the chiropractic office Frank said he uses. After coming to a stop, Frank checked on his passengers and was relieved that everyone was okay. This was Frank's first accident in all of his years of driving buses, and he hopes there are no more for the rest of his career as he was out for around three months to allow his back to heal. Frank grew up in Hot Springs before joining the Navy. After serving, he lived in California before returning to his hometown.