HERO - Robin Jones and Monica Womack

Monica and Robin IT HEROs

When Intracity Transit (IT) Paratransit Driver ROBIN JONES arrived to pick up a wheelchair user to take him to the hospital, he did not come to the van as he always had on previous pick-ups. Robin called IT Dispatcher MONICA WOMACK, who made an attempt at phoning the passenger. He was able to answer, despite the fact that he had fallen out of his wheelchair and needed help. Monica stayed on the line with him and called LifeNet. The passenger shared his gate code with Monica, who passed it along to the responded parametics. The ambulance was able to access the passenger and provide the help he needed. "My compliments to Robin and Monica," said IT Resident Advisor Keith Jones. "Instead of just treating this as a no-show, they went the extra step and prevented the passenger from undergoing further distress or injury from the situation."