STR Good Neighbor Guidance

Be a Good Neighbor

It is important to be a good neighbor – whether you’re at home or on vacation. Please keep your neighbors in mind during your stay in Hot Springs. Compliance with these rules will assure that you and your neighbors will both enjoy your stay. Disturbance or violations of the City’s Short-term Rental Ordinance could result in citations or fines from the City, or even eviction by the owner. Keep in mind, City residents have the right to call a 24-hour Short-term Rental Hotline to report violations of the rules outlined below and in the "Good Neighbor" flyer and brochure.

Please remember that you are vacationing among many permanent residents who chose Hot Springs as a quiet and safe place to live. They, and the City, are looking to you to help preserve that special sense of peace and quiet. In short, being a short-term renter means simply being a good neighbor.

Good Neighbor Guidance:


  • Occupancy

    • Respect the limits on occupancy and visitors at your rental. Overnight guests shall not exceed the property’s posted occupancy.
  • NoiseMute neon speakers

    • Keep the noise down. Visitors and residents alike have a right to the quiet use and enjoyment of their homes. Enjoy your peaceful stay in the neighborhood and be mindful of your neighbors who are not on vacation.

•  Any noise after 10 p.m. and before 7 a.m. should be contained within the rental unit such that it is not heard by neighbors.

•  See the City's Noise Ordinance (No. 6392; Title 4 - Ch. 5) for more information.

  • DogsDog-leash

    • Dogs on Leash - Dogs are required to be on leash at all times when off your rental property, including on the trails. You are required to pick up after your dog.TrashTrash and trash cans must be stored out of public view, except on pick-up days, when cans are placed at the curb. Please ask your host about pick-up days.
  • Parking

    • Park in the designated areas on your rental property. If you have visitors, make sure they park in safe and legal public parking spaces that don’t block the roads or neighbor driveways.
  • No fireworksbigstock-Forbidden-Fireworks-Icon-On-Wh-273651502