STR Special Use Approvals and How to Object

Approved STR Special Use Permits

See the lists of approved STR Special Use Permits below, published monthly and available for the duration of the 30-day appeal period. 

STR Special Use Appeals

Appeal Process

Under Special Use procedure, an application shall be reviewed by the Planning & Development Director without need for public hearing. The Director shall determine if the property meets the required standards, and shall approve or deny the special use application based upon such findings. If the Director approves the Special Use application, a notification of the approval will be posted on the property with a QR code providing a link to information about the application, approval, and the appeal process. The approval will also be published in the newspaper.

Approval decisions may be appealed to the Board of Zoning Adjustment within 30 days of the publication date, and shall be subject to the provisions of HSC § 16-1-7. In the event that an appeal is lodged with the Board of Zoning Adjustments, notice shall be provided to adjacent property owners with a letter from the city. In addition, each session of the Board of Zoning Adjustments shall be a public meeting with public notice will be issued.

Any decision by the Board of Zoning Adjustment regarding a Special Use Permit may be appealed to the Board of Directors within 30 days of such a decision at no cost to the appellant. Appeals from the Board of Directors shall be taken to the Circuit Court of Garland County, Arkansas. 

Appealing an Approval

Was someone’s Special Use Permit for Short-term Residential Rental approved but you believe the requirements are not really met? 

STR Special Use Appeal of Approval Form

A person may appeal approval or issuance of a Special Use Permit or Short-term Residential Rental Business License within 30 days. They must demonstrate that the approval or issuance does not meet applicable Code or policy requirements.

Appealing a Denial

Was your application for Special Use Permit for Short-term Residential Rental not approved, but you believe you meet all the requirements?

STR Special Use Appeal of Denial Form

Any person denied a Special Use Permit for a Short-term Residential Rental Special Use Permit may, within 30 days, appeal the decision by using the form linked above. 

Appealing a BZA decision to the Board of Directors

Special Use Administrative Appeal of Approval to the Board of Directors

Appeal of Administrative Determination to Approve or Deny  

The City Manager or designee may deny any application for a Special Use Permit for a Short-term Residential Rental that fails to comply with the requirements in Ordinance 6405, as amended.

Board of Zoning Adjustment

Excerpted from Hot Springs Code

BZA hears appeals from the decision of administrative officers in respect to the enforcement and application of the ordinance, and may affirm or reverse, in whole or in part, the decision of the administrative officer.

BZA has five members who are confirmed by Hot Springs Board of Directors.

 BZA decisions shall be subject to appeal only to a court of record having jurisdiction within 30 days of the BZA's action.

  • BZA has regularly-scheduled meeting dates (see the 2022 BZA Calendar), rules of conduct and procedures; and keeps a public record of all findings and decisions.
  • Each session of the BZA is a public meeting, with public notice of the meeting and business to be carried on to be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the city at least one time seven days prior to the meeting.
  • Petitions (appeals) to the BZA include notifying adjacent property owners courtesy of a letter from the city.