Operating a Business in Hot Springs

Business & Finance Contacts

See the resource directory for all business-related contact information.

Frequently Requested Phone Numbers

  • Dept of Finance & Administration, 501-682-2242
  • Federal I.D. Numbers (IRS), 800-829-4933
  • Attorney General’s Office, 501-682-2007
  • Contractor’s Licensing Board, 501-372-4661
  • U.S. Patent & Trade Office, 501-682-2053
  • Arkansas General Information, 501-682-3000
  • Income Tax 501c3, 501-682-4775
  • Better Business Bureau, 800-482-8448
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Businesses Operating in Certain Fields

Businesses operating in certain fields, such as those that require licensing, must register with the appropriate agency. Examples of agencies that license specialized businesses are:

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Business Tax Education Workshop

A conference on federal taxes for small businesses is conducted by the Small Business Development Center located at UALR; there is a $25 fee. For further information and a list of schedules call 501-683-7700.

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City Taxes: Advertising & Promotion Commission

Forms can be obtained to file your room and food and beverages taxes from Hot Springs Advertising and Promotion Commission.

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Corporations & Limited Partnerships

Corporations and limited partnerships must be registered with the Arkansas Secretary of State.

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Doing Business As

DBAs (Doing Business As) or business names are registered with the County Clerk’s Office in the courthouse. Their phone number is 501-622-3610.

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Henderson State University Development Small Business & Technology Center

The Small Business and Technology Center provides information and guidance for new businesses. Their phone number is 501-321-1700, extension 21.

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If you wish to incorporate your business, contact the Secretary of State’s Office and ask for the corporations clerk for forms and fee schedules.

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Individuals Operating Under Trade Name

Other than owner’s name must be registered with County Clerk's Office.

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Name Search

  • To conduct a nationwide name search, call Little Rock Library at 501-682-1527.
  • To conduct a statewide name search, call the Secretary of State at 800-482-1147.
  • To trademark your business name in Arkansas, the fee is $50.

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Occupation Tax Permit

The City of Hot Springs requires an occupation tax permit to conduct business within the city limits. If your business is operated out of your home, you are also required to have a home occupation permit. You must apply for this permit in person at the Planning and Development Department.

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Property Taxes

Personal property and business personal property taxes are handled by the Garland County Assessor / Collector. They can be reached at 501-622-3730 for the assessor, and 501-622-3710 for the collector.

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Sales & Use Tax Collection

The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration is responsible for the collection of all sales and use taxes. Their phone number is 501-682-7104. If you have vending machines or video game machines, you must also speak with the miscellaneous tax section about tax decals for your machines.

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State Quarterly Withholding Report

Any business hiring employees on a full or part-time basis must notify the State of Arkansas Withholding Office.

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State Unemployment Insurance

Any business hiring one or more employees on a full or part-time basis must notify the Employment Security Department.

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State Wages, Rates & Information

Information about wages in Arkansas, rates, and other information can be obtained from the Department of Labor.

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Tax Numbers

State Sales Tax Number

To obtain your Arkansas sales tax number, contact the State of Arkansas Sales Tax Office.

Federal Tax Identification Number

To obtain your Federal tax identification number, contact the Internal Revenue Service.

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Contact the Hot Springs Planning and Development Department for zoning regulations that apply to the location for your proposed business.

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