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  1. Hot Springs is a great and sustainable city that capitalizes on its unique economy, culture, environment, and character to support healthy neighborhoods and prosperous citizens.
  2. Hot Springs recognizes and supports Downtown as its heart.
  3. Hot Springs strives to be forward-looking, entrepreneurial, diverse, hip, and artsy.
  4. Hot Springs is a destination for outdoor recreation.
  5. Hot Springs boasts a diverse economy that is accessible to its citizens.
  6. Hot Springs offers a high quality of life in thriving walkable neighborhoods.
  7. Hot Springs protects our unique natural environment, our lifestyle, and our economy.



Goals • Policies • Actions



Goals • Policies • Actions

Economic Development

Goals • Policies • Actions

Community Services, Facilities & Investments

Reference Key
EN = Environment
ED= Economic Development
CSFI= Community Services, Facilities & Investments
IN= Infrastructure
NR= Neighborhood

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