Autonomous Commissions

Because these Commissions were set up pursuant to state law, they are not part of the City, rather, they are autonomous.  Each answers to its Board of Commissioners that must govern according to state and, when applicable, federal laws.  For more information, to request records, or apply for open positions on the commissions, contact the commission directly.

Advertising & Promotion Commission
This seven-member commission administers the collection and expenditure of the city's 3% tax on prepared food and lodging for the purpose of promoting Hot Springs. The commission also operates the Convention Center and Downtown Visitors Center.

The administrative offices of the commission's CEO and staff are located in the Hot Springs Convention Center, 134 Convention Boulevard, Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901. H.S.C. §5-2-1 contains a complete description of the commission's duties and responsibilities, as well as qualifications for membership.

Visit this link for A & P tax information.

The Advertising & Promotion Commission also operates the Northwoods Trails and the Majestic Park.


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anthony valinoti2
Erin Holliday
Position 1
Term to Expire on 12/31/2024
Elaine Jones
Position 2
Term to Expire on
Robert Zunick
Position 3
Term to Expire on
Anthony Valinoti
Position 4
Term to Expire on
wayne smith2.jpgdunkelfarris
Wayne Smith
Position 5
Term to Expire on
Chris Dunkel
Position 6
Term to Expire on
Elizabeth Farris 
Position 7
Term to Expire on

Steve Arrison,

Visit Hot Springs CEO


P.O. Box 6000

Hot Springs, Arkansas 71902


  • To be determined; please call  501-321-2277 for meeting information

Housing Authority of Hot Springs

The Hot Springs Housing Authority, established in 1960, is a public body authorized by the Housing Authorities Act of the State of Arkansas and United States Housing Act.  The Housing Authority is funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and operated in accordance with HUD’s regulations and guidelines. 

A 5-member Board of Commissioners nominated by the Board of Commissions and approved by the City of Hot Springs Board of Directors governs the Authority in accordance with state and federal laws. The Executive Director of the Hot Springs Housing Authority maintains a staff and administrative office separate from other City and County Offices.


LaTaschya Harris Barnett,
Term to Expire on 9/9/2024
Charlene Claye,
Term to Expire on 1/1/2024
Joyce Craft,
Term to Expire on 10/1/2021
Lee Murphy,
Term to Expire on 10/1/2025
Mike Tuohey,
Term to Expire on 8/16/2023

Nadine Jarmon, Phd

Executive Director


1002 Illinois Street

Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901


  • To be determined; please call 501-624-4420 for meeting information.