Mission Statement

The Engineering Department's mission is to support other city departments and our community by leading a culture of excellence in customer service, master planning, and quality construction.


  • Capital Improvement Project coordination and plan reviews
  • Consultant selection and coordination
  • Cost estimates and budgets
  • Drawings, maps, sketches, and archiving
  • Grant Applications and Implementation
  • New Water and Sewer Connections
  • Project construction administration, reviews, and inspections
  • Project design, management, bidding, and contracting
  • Specifications, codes, and standards
  • Street cuts, right of way, and street light permits
  • Grant applications and implementation

Areas of Support & Leadership

  • ARDOT coordination
  • Bridges
  • Capital Improvement Projects
  • Contractor outreach and training
  • Excavation permits and street cuts
  • Street lights
  • Streets and stormwater drainage
  • Water and wastewater

Current Projects

  • Annual Paving Program
  • Force Main Projects
  • Lake Ouachita Water Supply Project
  • Parks and Trails Improvements
  • Pump Station Projects
  • Sidewalk Improvements
  • SS4A Grant Safety Plan
  • Water Supply Master Plan

Values Statement

The Engineering Department seeks to:

  • Provide our community a professional and consistent engineering product
  • Strive for excellence in customer service, both internal and external
  • Initiate commitment to effective communications and interdepartmental cooperation
  • Encourage progressive thinking within our team to promote the organization’s goals
  • Embrace accountability for the decisions made or recommendations offered by our department
  • Make long-term planning and quality of life for our citizens remain our number one priority