New- Water and Wastewater Request for Service

Please read the updated Connection and Extension Policy and refer to Ordinance 6170 before applying for service. 
Connection and Extension Policy
Lot of Record (3:A) O-5822

Request for Service- Residential 
Request for Service- Commercial 


  • Capital project coordination and plan reviews
  • Consultant selection and coordination
  • Cost estimates and budgets
  • Drawings, maps, sketches, and archiving
  • Project construction administration, reviews, and inspections
  • Project design, management, bidding, and contracting
  • Specifications, codes, and standards
  • Street cuts, right of way, and street light maintenance
Areas of Support & Leadership
  • AHTD coordination
  • Bridges
  • Capital projects
  • Contractor outreach and training
  • Excavation permits and street cuts
  • Street lights
  • Streets and drainage
  • Water and wastewater
Current Projects
  • Annual Paving Program
  • Entergy - Additional Water for Lake Hamilton
  • Force Mains Project
  • Pump Stations Project
  • Water Supply Master Plan

Standards & Ordinances

Mission Statement
Engineering Department's mission is to support city departments and our community by leading a culture of excellence in customer service, master planning, and quality construction.

Values Statement
The Engineering Department seeks to:
  • Provide our community a professional and consistent engineering  product
  • Strive for excellence in customer service, both internal and external
  • Initiate commitment to effective communications and interdepartmental cooperation
  • Encourage progressive thinking within our team to promote the organization’s goals
  • Embrace accountability for the decisions made or recommendations offered by our group
  • Make long term planning and quality of life for our citizens remain our number one priority