Short-term Residential Rentals

This summarizes current regulations. In case of conflict between the website and the most recently adopted ordinance, the ordinance prevails. 

Most recent complete ordinance relating to Short-term Residential Rentals

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File a complaint online, or call 24-hour hotline at 501-290-2950.


  • Inspection Required

    • CO inspection by City Inspector is required for prospective STR properties.  
    • The City-issued CO Inspection Report must be attached, or the STR license application cannot be approved.
    • CO inspection and Special Use Permit are both required for new license applicants in Residential Zones (unless deemed exempt).
    • The CO inspection fee is $50. If the inspection is not passed, new fees apply to subsequent inspections.
  • STR Rental Cap
    • Residential Zone Cap is 500 licenses.
    • Residential Zones (R-Zones) are R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4, and R-L.
    • Exempt from Cap are non-residential zones – PD, C, VL, M and A zone districts as well as HPR and condos recorded before Jan. 18, 2022.
  • No Waitlist
    • R-zone STR licenses will not be issued once the cap is met in a given year.  
    • No waitlist exists.  

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Submit a Complaint Online
Or, use our 24-hour STR hotline   501-290-2950

Planning & Development Department 
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Ph: (501) 321-6905  


  • Now: Special Use Permit Application (for prospective NEW licensees in Residential Zones: R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4, R-L)              
    • NEW STR licenses if NOT in a Residential Zone   
    • NEW STR licenses if in Horizontal Property Regimes (HPRs; aka, condos) established 1/18/22 or later.


To receive text messages or email updates relating to STR regulations, visit Notify Me and select the "Short-term Residential Rental" checkbox under the "News Flash" section at the bottom of the page.