City Clerk

The Office of the City Clerk is, by law, responsible for the custody of all laws and Ordinances of the city and for keeping a regular and correct journal of the proceedings of the Board of Directors.  This department traditionally serves as the historian of the community, and is called upon daily by elected officials, government staff or the public at large to produce some type of record.  The City Clerk oversees the Deputy City Clerk.


Creation of the Board of Directors Meeting Agenda Packet
  • Agenda preparation, agenda meeting, agenda packet, board meeting, sets meeting dates
  • Agenda
  • Youtube

Archiving of City Records

  • Board of Directors proceedings including agendas, minutes, and any other material distributed during official meetings.
  • Ordinances and resolutions
  • Monthly/quarterly/annual reports such as the CAFR, budget book, A & P reports, Comprehensive Plan
  • Contracts/agreements/memorandums of understanding
  • Elections/petitions-elections, petitions, recalls, annexations, statements of financial interest, certified election results
  • Property-bought, sold, dedicated, easements, deeds
  • Publications-proofs of publications for public meetings and hearings, notices, ordinances, bids
  • Serves as the records management officer overseeing the records management, retention and destruction plan.

Code of Ordinances

  • The Office of the City Clerk serves as the codebook editor and is charged with making approved updates to the city codebook while maintaining its organizational structure.

Boards/Commissions/Committees (BCC)

  • Maintains the listing of each BCC including members, contact information and position openings. To view the BCC and their members, visit Boards & Commissions
  • Advertises BCC openings, receives applications, presents applicants to the Board of Directors for approval
BCC applications and recommendations are available to be submitted throughout the year.

The current openings for the BCC are as followed:
  • Animal Control Advisory Committee - One opening - must be a city resident.
  • Board of Adjustments and Appeals/Board of Zoning Adjustment - One opening - must be a city resident.
  • Civil Service Commission - One opening - must be a city resident.
  • Historic District Commission - Four openings -  must be an owner of real property, or officers or stockholders of owners of real property, or business owners, or officers or stockholders of businesses within the (2) Central Avenue Historic District or (2) Pleasant Street Historic District. 
  • Parks and Trails Advisory Committee - One opening - must be a city resident.
  • Planning Commission - Seven openings
    • One for a District 3 Representative
    • One for a District 4 Representative
    • One for a District 6 Representative
    • One for a resident of Garland County 
    • One at large for resident residing within City Limits
    • Two for alternates who must be city residents
  • Transportation Advisory Committee - One opening - must be a city resident.
  • Urban Forestry Advisory Committee - One opening - must be a city resident.
Posted Tuesday, February 25, 2020 // Deadline for entry is April 10, 2020 at 5 p.m. For more information, visit


  • Prepares election information packets
  • Accepts and certifies filing petitions
  • Sends certification of nomination for candidates to the county clerk and election commission
  • Collects statements of financial interests from public officials

Annexations/Street Vacations

  • Gives guidance to citizens to ensure proper procedures are followed and proper notifications are conducted.

Administrative Policies

  • Creates, maintains and updates city administrative polices as needed

Freedom of Information Requests

  • Responds to citizen inquiries related to FOIA requests
  • Collects all requested information for distribution
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