Governor give update on cases and vaccinations

(2/2/21) Governor’s weekly COVID update: Lowering trends continue

The following statistics were shared at the governor’s weekly COVID-19 update on Tuesday, Feb. 2, and posted on the Arkansas Department of Health’s (ADH) website:

  • 298,004 total cases, up 1,510 from Monday.
  • 16,331 total active cases, down 334 from Monday.
  • 4,939 total deaths, up 44 from Monday.
  • 869 cases requiring hospitalization, down 20 from Monday.
  • 141 cases requiring a ventilator, down five from Monday. 
  • 8,451 cumulative cases in Garland County, up 40 from Monday.
  • 569 active cases in Garland County, down 19 from Monday.
  • 7,672 recoveries in Garland County, up 56 from Monday.
  • 208 deaths in Garland County, up one from Monday.

In the past 24 hours, the number of positive PCR tests added in Arkansas was 793, with 754 from the community and 39 from correctional facilities. There were 717 positive antigen results from a total of 2,585 antigen tests in the past 24 hours. The number of PCR tests received in the past 24 hours was 4,638. 

Hutchinson announced he will not be extending the 11 p.m. curfew on bars that expires on Feb. 3, which he said was important to have through Christmas and New Year’s and that cases and hospitalizations continue to decline. He attributed these declines to both people being careful, following guidelines, and improved therapeutics. The number of daily deaths attributed to COVID-19 continues to be high, however, and he said this is a constant reminder that we all have a responsibility to follow the guidelines. 

Secretary of Heath Dr. Jose Romero echoed the governor’s plea for continued vigilance. He said that even though the state is making improvements, it is not a time to back off the three most important mitigation efforts – wearing of masks, washing hands and watching social distancing. He said the headway the state is making in terms of decreasing new cases and hospitalizations is allowing an increase in reserves “if we have a problem later in the year with regard to variants and increased transmissibility.” He said that variants of the virus are spreading across the globe and the U.S., “and once they take hold they will become the dominant virus.” The variants spread more easily and some have changes that allow them not to respond as well to therapy. He encouraged everyone to take the vaccine when offered it. “We are only going to be able to get past this pandemic when we have enough immunity,” he said. All of the major vaccines prevent death and decrease hospitalizations significantly. There is the possibility of a third vaccine, a single-dose vaccine, as early as this month.

Secretary of Commerce Mike Preston discussed the reopening of the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) system on Jan. 29. For more information, visit or call 844-908-2178.

2-2-21 ADH daily graphic

2-2-21 ADH daily VACCINE  graphic 2