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Phases of Vaccine Distribution
Current Phase of Distribution

Next Phase of Distribution
Healthcare workers, long-term care facilities, first respondersEssential workers (i.e., daycares, K-12 and higher education, food industry, correctional workers, utilities, truck drivers, essential government and infrastructure workers...

For more information, visit the Arkansas Department of Health COVID-19 Vaccination Phase Plan.

ADH COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Interactive Map

The Arkansas Department of Health has an interactive map to locate a community pharmacy or provider giving COVID-19 vaccines near you. When you become eligible to receive a vaccine, reach out to a pharmacy or provider, and they will work to schedule an appointment as vaccine supply is available. Please reach out to only one provider. 

Register for the Garland County COVID-19 Vaccination Wait List

Healthmart Pharmacies in Garland County have been contracted by the State to receive, distribute and coordinate administration in Garland County of the COVID-19 vaccines in coordination with the Garland County Office of Emergency Management and the COVID-19 Task Force. Individuals should refrain from calling the pharmacies with questions about the timeline or distribution of the vaccine doses, but rather to register for the COVID-19 Vaccination Wait List. Contracted pharmacies are following the Arkansas Department of Health COVID-19 Vaccination Phased Plan

Vaccine Timeline ADH 1-6-21*Arkansas Department of Health graphic - Jan. 5, 2021

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