Fire Hydrant Flow Tests

Water customers in the immediate vicinity of the work may experience temporary discoloration of their water. If this takes place, customers are advised to clear the pipes in their home or business by running all the water faucets for a few minutes, and to postpone laundry as the discolored water can stain clothes. This discoloration usually lasts no more than a few hours, affecting only the appearance of the water, not the taste or quality. If discoloration lasts more than 24 hours, contact the Utilities Service Center at 501-321-6200.

During hydrant maintenance and testing, water lines are flushed in order to test hydrant flow and water pressure levels for fire control purposes. The process also helps maintain the integrity of the City’s water distribution system, flushing out sediment or deposits that may naturally occur over time.

  1. Fireworks prohibited inside city limits

    The Hot Springs Fire Department wants to remind residents and guests of Hot Springs that the use of fireworks is prohibited inside the city limits. According to Hot Springs City Ordinance 15-7-3.1, anyone found in violation could be fined up to $500. Read on...
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