Enclave Area A

The Hot Springs Board of Directors held public hearings on Tuesday, October 20 and Tuesday, November 3 in the Board Chambers at City Hall, 133 Convention Boulevard, to hear the public’s views on the proposed annexation. The board voted at its December 1, 2015 meeting to annex property described as Enclave Area A. Annexation will take effect on January 1, 2016. City water, sewer and emergency services will begin in the annexed area on January 1, and city solid waste and recycling curbside collection will begin January 4.  Regular trash pickup will take place each Monday.

Links to additional information
Enclave Area A map
Sanitation pickup schedule for Enclave Area A
Brochure that explains the annexation process for Enclave Area A
October 20 Board of Directors meeting video - public hearing
November 3 Board of Directors meeting - public hearing
December 1 Board of Directors meeting - discussion and vote on Enclave Area A annexation
Act 109 of the Regular Session, Arkansas General Assembly, 2015