1. Airport

    Find information about our municipal airport, Hot Springs Memorial Field.

  2. Animal Services

    Learn more about the city Animal Services Division and animal shelter.

  3. City Attorney

    Learn about Hot Springs's city attorney.

  4. City Clerk

    Learn about the duties and responsibilities of the City Clerk.

  5. City Manager

    Gain information about the duties of the city manager.

  6. Deputy City Manager

  7. District Court

    Learn about court programs, civil and small claims divisions, and court payment options.

  8. Engineering

    Learn about the services we offer, and browse ordinances and current projects.

  9. Fleet Service

    View more about the city's Fleet Service.

  10. Finance

    Browse budgets and reports, or fill out an application or form.

  11. Fire

    Learn about our services and get information about fire prevention and safety.

  12. Human Resources

    Find applications and policy handbooks.

  13. Information Systems

    Learn about the computer services offered in the City of Hot Springs.

  14. Intracity Transit

    Browse through the various services such as ADA paratransit, bus schedules, route maps, and more.

  15. Municipal Customer Operations

    Obtain information regarding water service, utility billing, and meter services.

  16. Parks & Trails

    Explore our parks and trails.

  17. Planning & Development

    Obtain information about planning, development, and zoning.

  18. Police

  19. Public Information

    Get the latest news and information about Hot Springs and our sister city, Hanamaki, Japan.

  20. Public Works

    Gain information regarding property maintenance, stormwater management,

  21. Solid Waste

    Gain information about trash and recycling programs in the City of Hot Springs.

  22. Sport Recreation

    Learn about sports and recreation opportunities

  23. Utilities

    Gain information about the Municipal Utilities Department.